• A Known History

    A Known History

    obscure family related trivia from Jason McGathey

  • Nick Schot

    Nick Schot

    Creator PhysicsFromScratch.org, including its Medium publication. Mostly writing about physics at the moment.

  • Taylor Jackson

    Taylor Jackson

    is working with what he’s got.

  • BichoDoMato


    UNIK CONTENT PROMISE ••• You will be entertained and surprised in many ways. Buckle up! Twitter: @thebichodomato

  • Clement Brian

    Clement Brian

    I write. My aim is to help others and positively impact the world. Personal website + resources: https://clementbrian.com

  • Jan Sebastian

    Jan Sebastian

    I had a stroke so I can’t walk or talk, but I can write! Just a new chapter in life. I love the journey…..By me a cup of coffee Ko-fi.com/jansebastian5419

  • Subhasis Behera

    Subhasis Behera

    SCI-FI movie Writer, BS-MS, IISER Mohali (2016-2021)

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