Triller V. H3 Podcast: Using Lawsuits To Silence Free Speech

Zoe Garden
7 min readJan 14, 2022

*I have no affiliation with Ryan Kavanaugh, H3, Triller, or any parties. The following post serves as an opportunity to inform about the pending lawsuits and discuss the potential ramifications*

Further Developments

At the beginning of November, I published “Ryan Kavanaugh, Harvey Weinstein, and The Downfall of Triller.” In that piece, I discussed the YouTube boxing phenomena and the ongoing Fair Use lawsuit between Triller’s Ryan Kavanaugh and Ethan and Hila Klein of The H3 Podcast. Since then, there have been more developments, including public statements from both sides and a third lawsuit initiated by Kavanaugh.

After posting about the lawsuit saga, Ethan Klein promoted my article via his personal and The H3 Podcast Twitter accounts. Also, @RyanOrHarvey, an anonymous fan of The H3 Podcast, boosted my writing to a larger audience. I want to thank them for being an excellent resource and their kindness in making this follow-up possible.

Ethan Klein tweeting about my first article and retweeting the link on November 7, 2021

An Interview With @RyanorHarvey

Since connecting with @RyanOrHarvey, I wanted to learn about their relationship to H3’s Content, the inspiration behind creating their Twitter account, and more. This Twitter user is not affiliated with H3/Ethan and Hila Klein, Triller/Ryan Kavanaugh, or any other parties that have been mentioned thus far and throughout the rest of this post.

Q: How Long Have You Been Watching H3?

ROK: “I’ve been watching H3 for about 6 years now. I was obsessed with their YouTube videos and have continued to enjoy their work since moving to the podcast, finding their niche and what works for them, over the years.”

Q: What Inspired You To Create This Account?

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